Erman is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and critical care medicine. viagra for sale His clinical interests are related to the treatment of thoracic malignancies, specifically as they apply to the synergy of molecular medicine and novel technologies in interventional pulmonology. His research interests are in the translation of laboratory discoveries from the bench to the bedside: conducting human clinical trials of gene therapy and vaccine therapy for lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other pleural malignancies. Dr. cheap viagra on line Sterman is the lead clinical investigator in the multidisciplinary thoracic oncology research group at penn and has been the principal investigator of project 1 (clinical trials project) for this nci program project grant since 1998. buying generic viagra He is currently the sponsor and principal investigator of the ongoing ad. Ifn gene therapy trial aimed at cancer patients with mesothelioma and metastatic pleural disease. In addition, he has led a number of other industry-sponsored cancer clinical trials, all with extramural funding. average cost of viagra He served as the principal investigator at penn of a series of multicenter phase ii clinical trials, sponsored by cell genesys, inc, evaluating patient-specific lung cancer vaccines. viagra online More recently, in collaboration with other members of the clinical trials group from the thoracic oncology research laboratory, composed of members from pulmonary medicine, medical oncology, and thoracic surgery, dr. Sterman is conducting a series of trials focused on the concept of genetic immunotherapy for thoracic malignancies (bronchogenic carcinoma, mesothelioma, metastatic pleural disease). generic producte viagra buy   the hallmark of this program is our ongoing phase i clinical trial of intrapleural adenovirus mediated human interferon gene transfer for patients with pleural malignancies.   dr. Sterman and colleagues are developing trial involving delivery of the interferon-alpha gene via adenoviral vector, with the goal of combining this experimental treatment with standard combination chemotherapy, based upon success in pre-clinical studies. viagra jelly Dr. Sterman has also been involved in pionee. viagra information side effects viagra bayer schering